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Achieve your dreams. Get the support you need.

Our Vision

I dream of a world where every person...

is empowered to be their best self possible.

has enough to thrive and to be generous.

work and play in their personal zones of joy and purpose.

I know this isn't the usual thing you see on a business financial website. But this is our reason for existence here at Dreambuilder Bookkeeper. We are here to compassionately help you grow in the direction of your dreams. Dare to live the life you imagine!

Our Team

I'm Sarah Binger, and I started Dreambuilder CFO & Bookkeeping 5 years ago.

To be honest, I rather stumbled into the profession.

After several other endeavors fell through, including doing humanitarian work in South Sudan or doing urban agriculture in Wisconsin, I found myself in Vegas.

Reviewing the variety of jobs on my resume, I landed on bookkeeping because... well, everyone needs to manage their money. I went and got certified, became a QuickBooks ProAdvisor, and made a few business cards.

I found that I loved the work. I loved being an entrepreneur.

The challenge. The growth (and growing pains). The successes.

I had finally found my place.

Personally, I needed a business that I could 'take with me' no matter where I lived. Currently, I split my time between close friends in Tennessee and family in Wisconsin.

I love being able to connect with my clients virtually and find the technology for them that helps them be more efficient in their own business and enables me to serve them well, no matter where we each are located.

Sarah Binger


Ginny Miller

Team Member

I'm Ginny Miller, and I live in the beautiful Appalachian mountains of Northeast Tennessee.

I have worked in several administrative positions and taught English for several years while also homeschooling my two boys.

I've been working with Dreambuilder CFO & Bookkeeping since 2020, and enjoy the professional development and skills I've gained here.

I really love challenges that good bookkeeping presents. It's like a detailed puzzle to put together.

Our clients are a joy to work with, and I'm happy to be part of the Dreambuilder Team.

When I'm not working, my husband, two dogs, two sons, and I will go hiking and kayaking during the day, and wrap up with a family movie in the evening.

It's a great life!

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